Arthritis Cream & ICE Roll-On Combo Pack

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OzHealth Arthritis Pain Relieving Cream is applied topically, and provides powerful pain relief of:
  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle Aches and Pain
  • Joint Pain and Inflammation
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Product Description


3 OzHealth Arthritis Cream & 1 ICE Roll-On for only $64.95!!

OzHealth Arthritis Pain Relieving Cream is applied topically, and provides powerful temporary pain relief of:

  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Muscle Aches and Pain
  • Joint Pain and Inflammation

Why is OzHealth Arthritis Cream so effective?

Each of OzHealth Arthritis Cream‘s ingredients are carefully chosen to have the best result on joint function. The all natural active ingredients include:

  • Glucosamine which repairs and prevents the break down of cartilage, stimulates production of cartilage and reduces joint pain and inflammation.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate which helps lubricate, cushion and strengthen the joint also preventing break down.
  • Peppermint Oil which also helps relieve pain and adds a pleasant scent.
  • Vitamin E and moisturizers to help soften and sooth the skin.

OzHealth Arthritis Cream is available for purchase on our website and in all Pharmacies and Health Food Stores near you.


Clinically Shown to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

A clinical study, published in the Journal of Rheumatology, showed that the user’s of the formula contained in OzHealth Arthritis Cream experienced noticeable pain relief. The study included 63 patients who suffered from chronic osteoarthritis of the knee. With continued use of this formula, a majority of the study participants experienced long-term pain relief that continued to improve throughout the entire eight-week-study. Even more amazing, one-third of the users had their pain gradually decrease to the point where they reported it was completely or nearly completely eliminated!

Click here to view CLINICAL STUDY 


Why Do So Many Arthritis Sufferers Rely on OzHealth Arthritis Cream?

The formula contained in OzHealth Arthritis Cream has all of the following:

  • A formula that is CLINICALLY shown to have a rapid onset of action (which was evident after Day 1)
  • A formula that is CLINICALLY shown to improve pain relief with continued use.
  • All natural active ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Camphor, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E

Quantity of 1 = 3 OzHealth Tubes + 1 ICE Roll-on,

Quantity of 2 = 6 OzHealth Tubes + 2 ICE Roll-on,

Quantity of 3 = 9 OzHealth Tubes + 3 ICE Roll-on,



For info on the Ice Roll-on please click here

4 reviews for Arthritis Cream & ICE Roll-On Combo Pack

  1. Alexander E Keech

    After seeing your add on Today Tonight re OzHealth Arthritis Pain Relief Cream, I purchased a tube from my local chemist. i have had arthritis in my right fingers for the past 35 years unable to bend my knuckles. After using your OzHealth Arthritis Cream on my right hand, after 5 days, i could bend the knuckles on my right hand! It was FANTASTIC! The swelling has also gone down. I told my Doctor and he could not believe it! I recommend it highly to all my friends.

  2. Robert McCormick

    I go to the gym 3 times a week for up to 2.5 hours per visit. I have arthritis in my left knee. My GP prescribed Fish Oil, Glucosamine + Chondroitin tablets, which did help but the swelling & slight pain persisted. I was told to cut down on my exercise. This I simply won’t do. A friend recommended OzHealth Arthritis Cream. The effect was almost immediate. The swelling has disappeared, the pain non-existent & I can keep up with (according to the physiotherapist/personal trainers at the gym) the routine I/we have developed during the past 4 years. I cannot thank you enough & do not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who even mentions the word ‘Arthritis’.

  3. Sheila Abrahamsson

    I have severe osteoarthritis in my hands, to the extent that my knuckles are extremely painful, even to touch. I ordered your Pain Relief Cream as a last resort, having tried many options without success. To my amazement, within 2 days my hands were virtually pain-free. I am using it daily, and I can honestly say that it has made an enormous difference. (No, this is not a paid advertisement!)

  4. AdminMary Doherty

    My arthritis cream arrived today and so I immediately used it. Within minutes I can bend my toes, my wrist and I have put it on my shoulders (which are my worst areas). I have some movement and less pain. It is almost instant. I cannot believe this. I am incredibly grateful I tried this product on a whim, hoping it might help but never really confident that it would. This cream is remarkable and I will sing it from the roof tops. I cannot thank you enough.

  5. Linda

    This is the best product i have ever used. Its helps me so much more than my pain prescribed medication. I have told my doctor about this wonderful cream and he was very impressed with the results it gives. Thankyou so much for allowing me to have mobility during the day and to be able to sleep at nights without constant pain.

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